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Wired Network Overview

Cat5 Socket      Ethernet Cable

All student rooms have at least one working wired Ethernet connection.

To initially register your computer you will need your Raven password.  

Just connect your computer up to the network socket (try both if you have a dual socket) with a suitable Ethernet cable (if you don't have one you can get one from the Porter's Lodge or IT Dept S5), open a web browser and you should get prompted to log in via Raven and thereafter a registration page will load.  Once you've completed your registration you will be connected to the network.

If you have problems connecting please make sure that you are not also concurrently connected to Wi-Fi, this confuses many Apple Mac's.  Also make sure your IPv4 settings are set to auto and not statically set.  If you still can't get connected please raise a Service Request and we'll do our best to help you.

Bandwidth Allowance:

You are currently given an allowance of 50 gigabytes (GB) of bandwidth per academic term.  Should you exceed this your connection will not be throttled but will be charged at £0.10 per gigabyte.  You will also be notified via email to your @cam account when you exceed the allowance.  Note that currently Wi-Fi and MCS bandwidth is not charged for...

Windows 10 - Windows Update is now peer to peer

If you have Windows 10 on your computer please check your Windows Update settings as starting with Windows 10 this is now peer to peer and could consume your bandwidth allowance with the default settings.  Please see this guide for changing the settings.

Checking Your Bandwidth Usage:

You can check your usage here:


Please ensure your computer is protected with an up to date Anti Virus program.  Students and staff can download a free copy of McAfee Anti Virus from the UIS:

Please ensure that all latest patches and security updates for your operating system and applications are applied and thereafter kept up to date.

Please also note that all network connections are subject to University and JANET Acceptable Use Terms and Conditions, see:

Additionally you are forbidden to connect anything besides a computer to the network without the permission of the IT Manager.  This includes, but is not limited to, a wireless access point, Apple Time Capsule, router, switch or hub.  These devices can interfere with the normal operation of the network.  

If you connect any equipment to the network which presents a security risk (e.g. a PC infected with a virus) or interferes with the normal operation of the College network, your network connection may be suspended without warning (we will send you an email).