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Wi-Fi - Use of Wireless Broadcasting Devices

Wi-Fi - Use of Wireless Broadcasting Devices

Wireless Printers

Wireless printers can't be connected to either Eduroam or UniOfCam wireless.  You will need to connect your printer using a USB cable, which we can supply if necessary.

It is very important that you disable the Wi-Fi capability of your wireless printer, this is because they often (HP in particular) degrade your and your neighbours wireless signal for Eduroam and UniOfCam.  As a result you and they may experience slow speeds or frequent disconnects and reconnects.

Please consult the documentation that came with your printer on how to turn off its Wi-Fi.  You can also find most printer manuals online from the manufacturer's website.

For most HP printers it is done by:

"Use the menu to navigate to Setup, then Network, then Wireless Radio (on some models, this is towards the bottom of the scrollable menu). Turn the Wireless Radio OFF."

others may have a Wi-Fi button that you'll need to hold down for a while to turn the Wi-Fi off.

If you can't find a way to disable your printer's Wi-Fi please raise an IT Service Ticket and we'll do our best to help you.


Wireless Routers, Range Extenders, Boosters, Access Points and the like.

These are forbidden and are only to be used with the permission of the IT Manager.