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Wi-Fi Overview

  UniOfCam Wi-Fi logo

Wi-Fi (aka WLAN) is available throughout central site, Wychfield and Thompson's Lane (BBC and WYNG) accommodation.

We use the University of Cambridge Wireless Service called "UniOfCam".  You'll need your Raven password to get logged in.

For visitors, guests and conference delegates you may have been issued with a temporary ticket which enable you to connect to the UniOfCam Wi-Fi service using the Ticket-Id and Password.


Eduroam Logo

You can also connect to eduroam over Wi-Fi, and this is the preferred method as once set-up you no longer need to log in again as you would need to do with "UniOfCam".  Eduroam is also available in many other academic institutions at home and abroad.

For instructions on how to setup eduroam for you computer, tablet or phone please see:


  wifi ssid


Reasonable Use Policy
In order to prevent network congestion there is a limit of 30GB/day on the use of Eduroam and UniOfCam. If you plan to download more please use the wired connection in your room or one of the DS-Workstations around site.