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IT Dept Services and Supplies


The IT Department will do its best to help you with any computer related problem.  We can help remove viruses from your computer and try to recover data should your computer fail.

However your data is your responsibility, please make sure you have multiple sources of backup from which to restore your academic data.  Imagine the worst that can happen at the worst possible time, be assured that will happen to at least one person a year.  Make plans now so that should that happen to be you then your data is easily recoverable from an up to date backup.

Also make sure you have the necessary media and software keys readily available to enable us to reinstall your operating system and applications should your hard drive or SSD fail and need to be replaced.


The IT Department (S5) has stock of the following items which you can buy from us, this is added to your college bill.

  • USB Ethernet adaptors (Mac and PC)
  • USB Flash Drives (varying sizes)
  • Re-writeable DVD's and CD's
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drive Caddies
  • 10m Ethernet cables (we can give you a 3m one for free)


We have a varying stock of computers, displays, keyboards and mice.  That we can loan to you in an emergency or for a longer time (which will be chargeable).  Our loan computers are of a fairly low specification and will come with Ubuntu (Linux) installed.

To contact the IT Dept please use the Service Request system or come to see us in S5 in college.