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Remote Desktop Access to Gallium from a PC

Remote Desktop Access to Gallium

Remote Desktop Access to Gallium

How to connect to Gallium via Remote Desktop. 

If it is the first time you are connecting to Gallium please let the IT Dept know as there are some settings that have to be applied to your account for it to work correctly.

The computer you are connecting from will need to be running Windows Vista or later, Windows XP (or earlier) is not permitted as it is no longer supported by Microsoft and as such is a significant security risk.

If you are connecting via an Apple Mac (OS X) please see follow the instructions on this link: How to connect to Gallium using a Mac.

The computer you are connecting from must have an up-to-date Anti-Virus program installed with the latest virus updates applied.  As a member of the University you are entitled to download a free copy of McAfee, click this link for further info.

Please download the following file to your desktop on your computer, this is a pre-configured signed Remote Desktop connection for Gallium.  Just click on the Gallium icon below to download the .RDP file.

Gallium RDP Icon






Save this file to your computer's Desktop. 

You can then just double-click the icon on your Desktop to start your Remote Desktop connection to Gallium.

If this is the first time you have connected to Gallium you will see an initial message asking you to check the publisher of the Remote Desktop File.

This should be as below, if it is not please click "Cancel" and contact the IT Dept.

Gallium Publisher Confirm Dialog Box


You can then click the tick box for "Don't ask me for remote connections from this publisher again".

You should then get prompted to enter your Trinity Hall Username and password:

Gallium logon dialog box 














You will now be connected to Gallium in a Remote Desktop Window.

When you are finished please log off of Gallium and your Remote Desktop connection will close.

Please note that just closing the Remote Desktop Window does not log you off from Gallium.  Your session is still running, and you run the risk of losing any work you may have open should the server crash or need to be rebooted.  So please ensure you log off from Gallium when you've finished your session.

Any disconnected session will be automatically closed after 6 hours.